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Female chinchilla named Sophia. Very sweet and is ok with being held. Very fast if let to run around a room. She loves running on the 'hamster wheel' we got her for Christmas. Kids are getting too busy really give her the time and attention she deserves.
Twin brother chinchillas 6 months old. Very sweet and cute. Fun to watch play together and enjoy running around a room together. Great pet. Our kids are becoming too busy to give them the time and attention they deserve. Easy to care for.
Two male chinchillas plus their cage. Received them as a gift but now the kids are getting too busy to care for them like they deserve. Great pet. Easy to care for. Ok with being held. These two boys deserve a good home.
Molly and Thumper are being fostered in a home. They are very clean, love their greens, can live inside a home or outside in a garage. They do well with cats and don't mind neighborhood dogs. They enjoy the freedom to run, but do best if they are only allowed outside a couple of times a week, as Molly use to be a free roaming rabbit and tends to want to revert back if left outside to long or of...
This special bunny was saved from a shelter where he was wasting away. He is a young bunny and is now neutered and thriving! Hamish is litterbox trained and is fairly gentle. He weighs about 7lbs. He would make a nice family companion and is good with older kids. Because he is such a clean rabbit and good about using his litterbox, he is a adorable house rabbit. UPDATE: Hamish is not just a cle...
Larry and Pablo are a fun duo that always want to know what is going on around them. They came from the Idaho Falls area at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016 and liked each other immediately. They have seen all that they can see with us and are ready to move on to and different surrounds.
Curly and Moe came from the Idaho Falls area in March 2016. They are sweet, gentle, and fairly clean. They would make precious house companions.
Romeo and Juliet are gorgeous white rabbits with different colored eyes. They came from a college campus were some rabbits were dumped and began to reproduce. They are around 2 yrs old and are more then ready to find a home.
Daisy and Mia are sisters that were born in the rescue in Jan 2016. They are both a little shy as they haven't been handled a lot. Finding a family who will love them while understanding that they will need some time would be ideal.
Michelle and Faline are a mother/daughter pair that have been in the shelter for almost 2 yrs. They are both a bit shy, but having someone love them would make a world of difference.
Meg and Jo have been with us for 2 yrs. They came from a college campus where some rabbits were dumped and then began to populate. They would love to finally find a home.
Hank was born in the rescue in Jan 2016. He is a sweet guy who is extremely clean. He is pretty shy, but given some attention and love would make a precious companion.
Linus was given to the shelter a year ago. He likes to keep his place clean, but is a little wary of people. He generally runs and hides if he thinks you are getting to near. He is very gentle, though, and would love to find a home.
Digby and Duncan are brothers born in the rescue Fall of 2015. They would love to find a real home with people who will love them.
Barnaby and James were born in the rescue on the same day to different mammas in Jan 2016. They have seen all they can see in the rescue and are anxious for some new stomping grounds.
Chonco and Wednesday have been in the rescue for almost 2yrs. They are pretty friendly and will run over to see what special treats you have for them today.
Lucy has been with us since 2016. She is always very curious about everything around her if she thinks no 1 is watching but quick to hide if she thinks you have noticed her. Give her some gentle love and you will have her heart.
Charlotte and Bambi are bunnies with a lot of personality. They have been with us since 2015. Bambi is a pure bred miniature-Rex and has velvet fur. They are an active, silly pair that will keep you entertained for hours.
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