Small pets and animals for sale in Star, ID

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Female chinchilla named Sophia. Very sweet and is ok with being held. Very fast if let to run around a room. She loves running on the 'hamster wheel' we got her for Christmas. Kids are getting too busy really give her the time and attention she deserves.
Twin brother chinchillas 6 months old. Very sweet and cute. Fun to watch play together and enjoy running around a room together. Great pet. Our kids are becoming too busy to give them the time and attention they deserve. Easy to care for.
Two male chinchillas plus their cage. Received them as a gift but now the kids are getting too busy to care for them like they deserve. Great pet. Easy to care for. Ok with being held. These two boys deserve a good home.
Bonnie Blue is a larger rabbit that has a stunning gray blue coat. She is friendly and would love to be your friend.
Phoebe came into the rescue on August 19, 2017. She is very soft and is ready for a new home.
Quinn came to us when her family had a house fire just before Christmas. Life happens and her family is no longer able to bring her home. Quinn is not only stunning but very gentle. She would make a precious family friendly companion.
Mustard is a lovable little guy. He is full of energy and wants to know what all his neighbors are doing all the time. He doesn't mind being held, carried, and loved.
Erin is a adorable smaller rabbit. She is still warming up to people, but doesn't mind being held and cuddled once she knows what you want.
Patrick recently lost his mate when she passed away. He is doing well, but would love to find a home that would cuddle and love him since he no longer has a mate to give him those special loves.
Yin is a stunning white Rex. She is happiest with a friend, but would be ok alone with someone spending time with her. She is young and energetic, but likes to be petted also. She is an albino, so sometimes she has a harder time seeing then other rabbits.
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